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Option #1

Business Success By Design Academy (12-Months Access Value - $17,979) $1,997 One-Time

Training, Tools, Resources, Templates, Scripts...all at your fingertips
The Business Success By Design Academy has has been designed for those that are at the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey and just want access to the tools and resources so they can work at their own pace.
In this program you will get access to our complete Business Success By Design membership portal with training on sales and marketing, templates for your business, tools, scripts and resources..all in one place saving your time and effort searching for what you need.
This is a program for those that want to work at their own pace.
Inside this program, you'll get:
◎ Access to over 100 tried and tested sales and marketing strategies. (Value $2,997)
 Social media training, tips and guidance on how to make the most of your time on whatever channels is right for you. (Value $997)
◎ You'll create your own customized roadmap so you don't waste time on the wrong things in your business.
◎ Full access to our 'Generate Revenue Now' training to help your business get off to a flying start. (Value $1,997)
◎ Our 52 week MBA program that includes: The 7-Figure foundation course, Financial Secret Weapons, Profit Growth Strategies and How To create Competition Crushing Marketing (Value $2,997)


◎ Weekly Coaching Q&A calls via ZOOM to keep you on track and moving in the right direction. (Value $5,997)
◎ Our Sales Mastery Program (usually sold separately for $1,997) to help you build your sales foundation. (Value $1,997)
◎ Invitation to join our Private Facebook Group for community support. (Value $997)

As part of this membership program, you'll get access to the tools, training and resources so you can work at your own pace and when ready, you can elect to jump into one of other programs at a reduced cost ( our gift to you for taking action!)

Option #2

6-Figure Marketing & Communications Playbook (12-Weeks)

Get help building out your marketing foundation and client getting strategies.

During this program we'll work with you on developing your 6-Figure marketing foundation which is the basis of making sure you get exponential results from the tactics and strategies you implement in your business.


Inside this program, we'll help you:
◎ Dial in your ideal client or niche that best suits your target market
 Create your own unique messaging that will resonate with your chosen niche so they come to you
◎ Activate your network and drive 'now-revenue' for your business quickly and easily.
◎ Decide your 'Blue Ocean' so you can stand out from the crowd and your competition
◎ Build out your 'self-filing' pipeline and automate your lead generation
◎ Accelerate your client attraction and conversion using our own proprietary roadmap to guide you as you start, Grow and Scale.

This program follows our own Business Success By Design methodology we used to grow to multiple 6-Figures in less than 2 years without any complex funnels, ad spend or hours on social media.

Option #3

Premium Offer Creation 10-Weeks to $10K (10-Weeks)

We Can Help You Create & Position Your $3K to $10K Premium Offer or Service.

Our methodology for developing your go-to-market offer and product/service solution, allows you to create a 'market of one' and become the go to choice for the people or businesses who need your help the most.


Inside this program, we'll help you:
Develop a premium ($3K to $10K+) service or program you can offer to clients.
 Get focused on the right Niche or Ideal Client
 Create your own unique messaging that will resonate with your chosen niche so they come to you
 Teach you how to enroll new clients into your program using low-pressure sales strategies.
 Deliver industry leading outcomes for your clients.

We'll help you create more than a 'high-ticket' offer you can charge $3K or more for. We'll also work with you to ensure your offer can promise (and deliver) above average outcomes for your clients.

Option #4 (for Businesses who already generate a min. $250K per year)

Business Success By Design Revenue & Profit Acceleration Program

Lead Generation & Conversion, Sales Systems, Marketing Systems, Scale Strategies & Strategy Roadmap
The Business Success By Design Profit Acceleration Program is our premier program for entrepreneurs who want to drive maximum Revenue and Profit growth in the next 12 - 24 months.
In this program you will get access to our complete Profit Acceleration portal with lessons on premium offer creation, marketing automation, enrollment training and organic & automated marketing systems to help drive your revenue &  profits upwards.
You will also get access to LIVE coaching to help you with your offer creation, marketing and sales implementation, systems and more!


Inside this program, you'll get:
◎ A Complete implementation roadmap showing WHERE to focus for maximum revenue and profit in your business.
 2 x 1-1 Coaching Sessions each month to discuss and deal with roadblocks and set actions to move your business forward
◎ Invitation to our weekly LIVE Q&A call to give you additional support as you grow your business.
◎ Lessons resources, training, templates, and guidance for setting up your simple 'prospect building' system and front end marketing funnel.
◎ Guidance on systems, scale, and a process for working your way out of you business.
◎ Full access to our 'velocity call' support system for those times when you need support quickly.
◎ Invitation to our client only Facebook group.
As part of this program, you'll get access to the 6-figure academy resources so you can create your front end offer, premium offer and simple marketing funnel to build your list of prospects and potential clients.
You'll also have access to world class coaching along with Q&A sessions. Bring your offer, sales, marketing or enrollment questions (and more!) to us for direct feedback every week.

To Learn More About Our Coaching Programs or Membership Program, Book a Call Today To Speak to Someone On Our Team About What Would be Right For You


How Much Does It Cost To Work With You?


Investments range from $1,997/yr to $12,500/yr depending on the level of coaching and help you're looking for. Book a call to speak with us and we'll help you find the best fit for where you are in your business, what your budget is and what your goals are.

Our personal goal is that you get a minimum of 10X your investment inside the first 12 months of working with us, which is absolutely doable IF you do the work.