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Do You Know What Your Prospect is Thinking?


I see it everyday...and so do you!

Marketing content that continually tells me how 'awesome' the sender is.

How amazing their product or service is.

How long they have been in business and what people say about them.

It's what's called 'platitude' marketing....and by the way, you are probably doing it.

Let's talk about what marketing isn't.

Marketing isn't about getting customers (ok well, it is but it isn't. I'll explain why)

It's not about building your brand (unless your specific strategy...

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Are You Wasting Your Resources?

Today you’re going to learn how to find a target market of potential customers so you aren’t wasting precious resources on blitz marketing. So, the two questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • What do people really want to buy from me?
  • What related products are they already buying?

Once you figure this out you will know who is more predisposed to purchase your products/services. Then, you find other businesses with the same customer base who you can customer share with. Come up...

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"What's The Fastest Way To Increase My Conversions" : Part 3 of 3



Welcome to part 3!

We have looked at the Journey model and the Inclusive model.

Now it maybe that one or both (or none) of those would work in your environment so let me take you the third model we use and you can too.

This is the Comparative Model.

So the Comparative model is EXACTLY what it sounds like.

It's a way for you to show graphically, how your solution compares to the competition. Car manufacturers and others have been using the model for years to let you see how their model...

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"What's The Fastest Way To Increase My Conversions" : Part 2 of 3


Part 2 in part 1 we discussed the Journey model! How to take your prospects from where they are to where they want to be and by doing so, show them how you can help them at each stage of the journey.

That's ONE Model.

The next stage is to SHOW them how your service/system/program actually works and HOW it will help them.

The way we do this is using the INCLUSIVE Model.

Let me show you how this works.

In our Fast Track program for instance there are 9 training modules that we take...

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What's The Fastest Way To Increase My Conversions?: Part 1 of 3


So,  had the question from a client in our Fast Track Marketing Program during our weekly group Q&A call.

He was getting some decent leads BUT his conversions were woefully low...he needed to find a way to Increase those conversions but do it quickly.

Here is the problem - how do you explain a coaching program to someone? It's not like there is a 'thing' at the end of it that they can hold. They can't 'see' the program..right! They have to experience it.

And even it was a 'do...

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"How Do I Get Better At Hitting My Goals?"



During one of our weekly Q&A calls with our Fast Track Marketing group, a student asked the question "How do I get better at hitting my goals?"

It's a fair question. So I asked "How many goals did you set"?

His response - "I usually set around 12 SMART Goals each year" (and each year he comes up short).

Listen - Even the most ardent, qualified, smart business people FAIL.

Success magazine did a recent study where they interviewed over 1,000 business leaders on how they performed as...

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It’s hard right!

Trying to come up with marketing headlines and campaigns that you audience will actually take the time to read.

You work for days (maybe weeks) building it all out. Then you hit the send button. You check your open rate, your click through rate and what do you see…crickets!

10% open rate (maybe) and a 4% click through rate.

All the hard work has literally just bombed.

Just to be’s NOT them. It’s YOU!

Tell me if this looks familiar.

Buy my...

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How Optimism Can Kill Your Business


Apparently, we as humans, suffer from this little thing called ‘Cognitive Illusion’ – in fact, it affects almost 80% of the population! What is this and how does it affect me and my business?

Simply put, it means we are pre-disposed to ‘Overestimate the likely hood of a good event and underestimate the likely hood of a bad event’….

Based on research done by Dr Tali Sharot, we are far more ‘optimistic’ than we are...

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Build Your Business Using The 5 One's!


I want to share with you what I’ve learned from a great friend, Taki Moore, about the 5 little steps that’ll be the quickest way to a million dollars a year.


There are 5 parts of your coaching business and for each of them, I want you to get it down to one for each, just to keep business really really simple.


Here are the 5 things you want to do:


1. ONE TARGET MARKET. Pick one specific target market that you know, understand and you love.


2. ONE...

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