Build a 6-Figure+ Coaching Business and Earn Between $115,000 to $225,000 in your first 12 months.


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“Since March 1st my wife Wendy and I have sold over $170,000 in online memberships to our E-Learning System. We’ve set a target of $80,000 from now to the 15th of December so we can have a bit of a Christmas break.”

Darrell Weekes

“Signed a client on a one year, $24,000 contract from the Everything is Wrong presentation in October. Presenting a proposal to prospect number 2 on Friday.”

Walter Wise

“Thought I would let you know I got 114 people into a room for a one-day seminar…. and wound up selling 87 of them a USD $1,200 12 month DIY coaching membership. That’s $104,400 for a one-day session. I LOVE you guys!”

SJ Pretorius

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The 6-Figure Coach is built around this promise and we are about making it a reality.

Discover a new way to build your own 6-figure coaching business without the need to create your own content, design your own strategies and doing it all on your own.

  • You will have access to the best coaching training and strategies available today, all through your own E-Learning and Marketing center branded specifically to you.
  • You'll be part of an exclusive, caring global community of like-minded coaches ready to help you.
  • You will be trained and supported so you can build a massively successful business.
  • You will become the extraordinary coach you were meant to be and build a wonderful lifestyle for you and your family.

Your Entire Coaching Business - And We Cover ALL You Start Up Costs.

Don't believe me...check out below!

We Build Your Own Branded Authority Website.

We will build you your very own branded authority website complete with your lead magnet for capturing leads and follow up system.

Your Own Academy Site.

Have the ability to enroll even the smallest of businesses into your own membership program and let the system do all the heavy lifting for you.

Your Own Complete Marketing Resource Center.

Everything you will ever need to market your coaching business, generate leads and convert into $12K to $50K clients..right here, 24 x 7.

Your 2 Day Coach Training Intensive - How to Consistantly Close $12K to $50K Coaching Clients


What You Need To Know:

- We give you ALL the strategies you will EVER need to build a 6-figure business.
- We will build you 2  authority websites branded to YOU!
- 24 x 7 Access to your OWN membership site to enroll YOUR customers in.
- You will NEVER have to create ANY of your OWN content.
- You can leave us whenever you want with 30days notice.

SERIOUSLY!!! Why would you want to go it alone?

This Opportunity IS for:

- People who will INVEST to build their OWN 6-figure (or more) coaching practice
- People who have the desire to want to help others succeed
- People who understand and accept that success isn't handed to them - it takes work
- People who value helping others just as much as they value making money
- People who would like a Coaching business but DON'T want to be part of a franchise or want to do it by themselves.

This Opportunity is NOT for:

- People who are simply looking for a job!                                                       
- People who use deceptive practices or smell dodgy in any way
- People who are looking to make a quick buck at other peoples' expense.

"If you won't invest in yourself, why should you expect a client to"

Why Our System Succeeds (and others fail).

Historically there have been only 2 ways for you to have your own business coaching practice:

1. Buy a franchise or

2. Go it alone

Neither of these options gets you off to the start you want.

A franchise, while offering you 'some' of what you need, will also set you back over $100,000 (we know, we did it!) and that's before you get a client. In addition you have to pay royalties on your income (sometimes as much as $1500 a month or a % of your revenues). You are also tied to their model and their name... so good luck trying to brand yourself!

You could go it alone. Build a website and then try to figure out HOW you will get clients. Even if you manage to sit with a prospect, what will you tell them? What system will you use to help them succeed? What if YOU hit roadblocks? Who will help you?

Luckily, there is a 3rd option.

It's a low barrier to entry, you keep what you make, it gives you all the training you need to get off the blocks immediately and you have the collective wisdom of over 400 coaches worldwide.

Now doesn't that sound like a better option?

We Provide:

- Your Own $2 Million Dollar done-for-you ONLINE Coaching System
- Training so you can generate all the high dollar coaching clients you can handle
- The ability to coach ANY business, ANYWHERE in the world!

The Coaching Industry:

- $100 billion dollar industry
- Growing at unprecedented levels and estimated to double by the end of 2018
- High net profits
- Massive opportunity for growth
- Freedom to work hours you want from where you want
- Low tech, low stress


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Trust me when I tell you....this is HOW you build a 6-figure Coaching business!