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The Goal is Simple.

Change The Lives of 150 Coaches in 2019 by Helping Them Design, Fill and Deliver Their Coaching in a Group Model Within 45-days! BOOM!

Build A Group Coaching Program In The Next 45-Days!


Come Join Us Now!

I'm James Lawson, Co-Founder of Impact Business Solutions.

For years I’ve been helping Coaches and Consultants escape the Time for Money Coaching model that has stopped so many of them achieving the Income and Lifestyle they so badly want..

Since 2013 we have coached and trained over 3,000 Coaches, from all disciplines, on how to Design, Fill and Execute their own Group Coaching and Mastermind programs.

Using the Step-by-Step system we use ourselves, so you know it works!

Maybe you feel like you have the right Coaching model, but getting people into your program is causing you sleepless nights...no worries, we cover that!

Or maybe you are just starting out and have no idea WHO you want to work with and HOW you can help them… we cover that too!

Either way, you’re tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure it out, and all you have up to this point are little to no sales and zero people helped.

At IMPACT our #1 core value is Your success… so I went to my all-star Coaching clients and asked them, what's the best way to help YOU.

The end result? An 8 week online  course designed to get you and your Coaching business, scaling with ease so you can have the Income and Freedom you want while having a HUGE Impact on your clients.




The Group Coaching Acceleration program is a brand NEW program that teaches you how to craft and launch your very won Group Coaching program, in record time.

It’s designed to give you what you need to Design, Fill and Execute your program using  the same proven tactics we used to build our 3 six-figure programs.

Everything you need to start and grow your Group Coaching program is right here  - without any of the fluff or extra bull that just wastes time and doesn’t work.

If you’re an a Life Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach or Niche Coach etc., this is for YOU.

Everything you are getting has been tried and tested by us in our own business..so we know it all works. 

The information in this program has only been offered before as a $15,000 coaching program, and has never been put online as a course.

Until now.

You CAN Increase your hourly rate by 20X (we did), work 15 to 20 hrs a month (we do) and have a business that you can run from anywhere in the world (we are).

Time to ditch the 'time for money' model and start to build a lifestyle business.

"This is just an outstanding program. James has this stuff nailed. I had been trading time for money for the last 5 years and this program gave me everything I needed to start creating leverage..."

Becky Auer - Owner at NO BS Marketing and Business Building

" I have to say I wasn't sure if this was right for me...but after the first module and the first coaching call I knew I was in the right place. James's way of getting the point across is unique and fun...and his coaching is top notch...Loved doing this!

SJ Pretorius - Ubiquity Coaching and Mentoring

Here Is How It All Breaks Down

WEEK 1. 


You can't coach a group without knowing HOW you are going to do it and having a Signature System to coach them through. Week 1 will be helping you figure out what your signature system will be.

WEEK 2. 


Who will you coach? Will you be a specialist to a niche or a Generalist? These are decisions you have to make before you can begin to market your new program.



You want to coach a group? It's hard work if you are adding people one at a time. In this module we will cover the ins and outs of building a consistent stream of potential enrollment candidates and the best way to get them excited about joining your program.



No one spends $5,000 or more without knowing what they are buying. In this module we will take you through the process we used to start filling our workshops with people who were already pre-disposed to take action.



Rather than spending time 1:1 with each prospect, you will want to be able to work with a group and then sell them into your program from the stage. In this module we will show exactly how to do this from set-up to content delivery to closing the room.



In this module we will take you through how to build a marketing engine that consistently and predictably delivers all the quality leads you will want. Your marketing should be as 'frictionless' as possible so that you can enjoy the fun stuff and the system does all the work.




Even if you are largely unknown to your market, you can quickly begin to build a following and a reputation within your tribe as the go-to person. Remember, we are looking at building a 'micro-celebrity' status. Someone people recognize as having a solution to their particular problem.




" Powerful and Insightful...most importantly it was immediately actionable. This has made my life so much easier when coming to build my own group"

Carolyn CJ Matthews - CEO, National Platinum Group

"If you are looking to add Group Coaching into your business model..and make 6-figures doing it, James has figured out the fastest most efficient way of getting it done..don't wait, jump in."

Catharine Pierce- CEO, Beyond Business Coaching

I Am With You Every Step Of The Way!

12 Months of Coaching (When You Purchase The FULL Program) - $6997 Value

Our program comes with 12 months of coaching support so we will be with you every step of the way as you build and scale your coaching business.  Each week I personally host a Q&A call (via Webinar) so you can ask questions directly to me and keep moving. (Yea..you are getting all that!)

FB Private Group

Got questions you want to ask outside of the Q&A call? Drop them into our Private FB group and let me answer (or one of the group who have been through this)

Lifetime Access

Just in case you take a little longer than most to get yourself moving, no worries. You get lifetime access so you can go back as many times as you want until you are firing on all cylinders.

Every module comes with it's own workbook complete with frameworks and models to complete as you work through the series!


In 45 days you will have the step-by-step Blueprint We Used for launching Our 3 Group Coaching Programs That Generates Multi 6-Figures a Year, Working 12 to 15 hrs a Month!


Here is What You Will Leave With:

Escape the 'time-for-money' trap and begin to leverage your most valuable resource.
Have a clearly defined outcome for your clients and a model they can understand
Become a more confident coach, when you are marketing your services and coaching your clients.
Deliver significantly more value to more people in a shorter space of time.
Build a true lifestyle business that you can run from anywhere (even the beach!)

The Course Includes:

  • Complete access to the entire recorded program for Life.
  • ALL the Frameworks and Downloads (Incl: The 'Presentation' outline that we use for our workshops)
  • Invite to our weekly Q&A call to help you as you build your program...for 12months!

Our 30X Guarantee

We are so confident that our system works (after all, we did it) that IF you haven't made at least 30X your investment in the 12 months, you are in the program, you can stay in the program, for FREE until you do.


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