Why Re-Invent The Wheel When You Can Access A Complete Turnkey Coaching System That Just Works!

Seriously. You can spend months and lose ten's of thousands of dollars in business trying to get your coaching business off the ground....or....you can just access a whole turnkey system and be getting clients in the next 30 to 60days!

Oh...and your first client covers the investment (yea, really!)

I'm going to give you a few seconds to let that sink in!

Ok...ready to build your business the smart way!

There Are 2 Reasons 82% of Coaches Fail.

It really is VERY simple. It comes down to this. They Can't Get Leads and They Don't Have Content to Train Their Clients With. We are going to change ALL that! Your Success Will Happen Because We Will Design it That Way!

You Want To Spend Weeks or Months Building Out Your Own Content & Strategies...or...Do You Want To Start Getting Clients...TODAY?

1) Your Own Authority Web Site.

Your own website built to showcase you and your coaching. We have over 15 different templates for you to choose from all with built in Lead generation opt-in and video.

You could easily spend upwards of $5,000 to have your won site built but why bother when we can do it for you as part of the program...BOOM!




2) Your Own Membership Site (Yes, really!)

Most coaches struggle because they can't get leads and they have no real content to help their clients get the outcomes or results they need. There is one other reason...most coaches are 1 trick ponies...all they can offer is 1:1 coaching. Not YOU!

The CSBD program gives you access to your OWN membership site so you can build a recurring revenue stream from the 80% of the population that can't afford your 1:1 coaching fees!




3) Your Own Book Written For You! (In 30Days!)

An excellent way for you to schedule meeting s with business owners is to ask if you can interview them for a book you're writing where you will find them more the $10,000 in 45minutes!

Fortunately, we have already written the book for you. We designed a book for you to record your $10K results for all 8 strategies you mat elect to audit for any business...BOOM!


4) Complete INFUSIONSOFT Online Marketing Campaign

Successful coaching today demands that coaches contually nurture the precious few leads thay generate from networking, joint ventures, webinars and live events.

As part of the 'Platinum' program, we will deploy for you, the latest, most effective prospect followup system available anywhere today.

Built on Frank Kerns 'Behavioral Dynamic Response' program, it will track what your prospects are doing in multiple campaigns, and then dynamicallysend them messages based on their behavior.

5) Monthly LIVE Coaching Calls/AMA's

This where we truly differentiate ourselves. Not only is CSBD a hive of amazing information and training but once a month James will be holding coaching calls based on pre-submitted questions providing best practices and answers so you can get immediate results. This will include LIVE AMA's.



6) Monthly "Implementation Calls"

Where the rubber hits the road. Unlike most 'coaching' programs, not only do we advise on the right strategies, we also SHOW you how to implement them in your business so you can start to get REAL results, REAL fast!





7) Weekly 'ASK THE EXPERT' Calls

Each week our coaches get together to ask their most pressing questions on how to grow their respective coaching businesses. From 'what strategies to use' to 'what's the latest technology' to 'how do i run a kick-ass workshop'...we do it all!



8) The CSBD FB Group

This is the 'portal' where everything will be delivered including training recordings, links, online answers and announcements.





Also Included are 2 HUGE BONUSES!


All CSBD members will receive complementary and immediate access to our 10 week Marketing Implementation program.

This program is your fast start to building a high performance marketing engine for your business and forms the foundation for EVERYTHING we teach in the ACCELERATE program.




All CSBD members will receive complementary and immediate access to our 6 week Group Implementation Program.

This program is your fast start to building your own signature group Coaching program so you can leverage your time and create more value for your clients.


Normally To Get Half This Level Of Support You Would Have To Buy A Franchise and Pay Upwards Of $100,000...That's Just INSANE!

You Shouldn't Have To Pay 6-Figure To Make 6-Figures!


- Your OWN Authority Website

- Your OWN Membership site

-  Your OWN Infusionsoft Marketing Campaign

-  Your OWN Book Written for you

-  Access to our proprietary 'Group Coaching' Training, Content and Presentations.

-  Invite to Our Focus Group Training

-  The CSBD FB Group

-  Monthly LIVE "Implementation Calls"

-  Monthly LIVE "Coaching Calls"

Blast Off 10 Week Program*

-  Weekly Growth Strategy Webinar*



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