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 8-Week Small Business Pivot Program to adapt and drive revenue NOW!

7.5 Million Small Businesses are at risk of closing due to Covid-19!

Now more than ever you must adapt your business to avoid certain doom!

STOP sabotaging your ability to see new opportunities right in front of you. Don't let the fear and uncertainty that surrounds us hold you back. You can either sit still and fall further behind or you can make the decision to take action and control of your business. 

You're not alone! 


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An 8-week implementation program that takes you step by step through 4 key areas of your business to drive revenue NOW and lay the foundation for long term growth.

What You Will Accomplish in 8 weeks:

  • Develop your Revenue and Income Plans so you know exactly what you need NOW to survive
  • Lay out your 30/60/90 goals and actions to keep you on track and focused
  • Identify and work through the roadblocks to keep you moving forward
  • Clarify your (NEW) Ideal Client to better position your message and value proposition
  • Deploy a Lead Generation Funnel that creates a flood of leads, even when you can't leave the house
  • Create powerful messaging that allows you to be seen and heard above all of today's distractions

In this short time, you will have created a solid structure for pivoting your business while laying the foundation for long term growth and predictability!

What You Will Get:

8 weeks of structured training on 4 key areas of your business to help you adapt, pivot and drive revenue NOW

Access to training videos and workbooks which guide you step by step through this transformational process

2 Private calls with Coach James to get you focused on the right actions and priority next steps

2 Live Group Calls for real-time feedback and personalized coaching reviews

Access to our Private Community to ask questions, get feedback and solicit support

12 Months Access of the Training Modules to refer at your own pace while your business progresses


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Learn the 4 key areas to creating a profitable pivot and building Momentum in your business.

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Fill in your assessments and track your progress through the modules. The goal is to get each area to 70% perfection for now and then deploy!

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You are never on your own. We'll be working with you 1 on 1, through our private Facebook page and on our MOMENTUM group calls.

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We've found that most small business owners are passionate about what they do but often get stuck and frustrated. They believe they are not as far along as they should be and fear they will never achieve the level of success they work so hard for.

They get stressed and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to produce consistent and predictable income.  Most are unsure what to do and end up making mistake after mistake costing them time, money and effort on tactics that don't work.  The reality is that their situation will never improve until they stop looking for silver bullets and start thinking strategically. 

In order to begin moving towards the success that they want, they need to make sure they have the 3 core needs of a successful business: Powerful Mindset, Predictable System & Strategic Thinking.

We've been in there. Let us help!


IT'S ALL YOURS FOR ONLY $1,497 (2 Payment Options Available)
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