Small Business Growth Program:

A step-by-step program to grow your business, increase sales and free up your time

Would you like to attract more customers and increase your sales? Would you like to tap into the latest marketing strategies and tools to stay ahead of the game?

Imagine you could avoid the scattered approach to marketing so you are not wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work!

Welcome to IMMERSION.

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Everything You Get In Immersion
The Proven Implementation Program
for New Entrepreneurs
Developed By Real Coaches Getting Real Results:

✅  Immediate Access to our Digital IMMERSION Program, Workbook & Frameworks to take you step-by-step through your core marketing system (Value $6,000)

✅  Weekly revenue generating strategies delivered to your mailbox to help you build a systemized lead generation and conversion system (Value $4,500)

✅  UNLIMITED Coaching* Calls with James to keep moving, motivated and focused (Value $1,500)

✅  Bi-weekly Group MOMENTUM Calls with James to keep you on track and get passed any roadblocks (Value $1,500)

✅  Access to our PRIVATE Mastermind Group for ongoing peer support and community feedback (Value $1,997)

✅  Personal review of course work you do including Landing pages, Elevator script, Blue Ocean, Value Proposition and more...  (Value $3,997)

We all fantasize about the dream business that’s going to give us financial independence and time freedom.

We daydream about creating impact and becoming a change agent, while living a life of abundance.

But most Coaches ignore the foundations that sustainable success requires.

This is the hidden reason why most Coaches fail to achieve extraordinary growth year after year.

Most Coaches try to “save time” and skip this step so they can dive right into “sexy” strategies. But when you skip the foundational pieces, it’s almost impossible to create consistency and predictability in your business.

You’re ambitious. You want to lift your profit margins, increase sales, and find new customers.

You know you need to do things differently and can't do it alone. Let us help you...

This group IS for:

 ✔︎ People with active coaching businesses who are driven to get to 6-Figures PLUS annually.
✔︎  People with businesses who are currently doing 6 figures and want to scale beyond where they are.
✔︎  People who want to eliminate time-for-money coaching, add $10K-15K a month to their income, and join the top 3% of coaches.
✔︎  People who value helping others and contributing to their marketplace just as much as they value making money.
✔︎ People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen.
✔︎ People who are already successful, and want to double their income & their time off.

   This group is NOT for:

🤚 People who are just in this for the money, and don’t care about the results their clients get.
🤚 People who use deceptive practices, or smell dodgy in any way.
🤚 People who are just getting started, and haven’t sold anything yet.
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Marketing Strategy

Every business must have an overarching marketing strategy to tie it all together and avoid a scattered approach to marketing.

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Brand Positioning

Powerful positioning will help you ensure you attract the right customers, the ones that buy from you and sing your praises. Merely attracting prospects without converting them into customers is not going to help.

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Online Marketing

A smart online marketing strategy leveraging the latest channels will help you get noticed by the right people and build a large customer base.

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Offline Marketing

So many businesses neglect the power of offline marketing, this is a great place for you to ‘own’ as your competitors most likely aren’t.

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Sales Strategies

In order to get the most out of your marketing efforts, you need sales strategies that make your customers feel valued so they will stay loyal and refer their friends to you.

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Technology can help you run your business more effectively. There are so many amazing tools out there for business owners to tap into to amplify your business results.

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Join the Program and get one step closer to EXTRAordinary results in your business

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What You Get When You Join Us!

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