The 6 CRITICAL Steps To Launching Your Group Coaching Program- In The Next 45-Days!

Also get the COMPLETE High Conversion Presentation Template for your Workshops and Webinars - BOOM!

Are You Ready To Change Your Busines & Your Life?

James here,

 Listen, I know how it feels to want to grow your coaching business beyond your 1:1 model. Seriously, I have been there. Here is the thing..most of what we want to do becomes much easier when we have a roadmap or framework to follow..right!

Now..I am not saying that the way we approached scaling our business is the ONLY way to do it. In fact, we took the LONG HARD road by trying to figure it all out ourselves. When we realized 'there has to be a better way', we got some help, figured out the important component pieces and went to work.

I don't want to teach you theory the way everyone else does.

I want to teach you EXACTLY the correct steps in the order we did it.

Remember - this is how we run our business...95% group.






The reason most coaches find it hard to breakthrough the 6-figure barrier even though they are AWESOME at Coaching clients and get great results.


Our personal framework for breaking free of the time for money trap that so many coaches find themselves in and how you can apply it your own business..within 24hrs.


The ONLY 6, easy to follow steps you need to take to get your Group Program ready to launch in the next 45-days without any need for fancy marketing or FB ninja skills...seriously, I suck at Facebook!

What Else you will discover in the 45mins!

  • The 3 Area's you need to focus on if you want a sustainable business.
  • How we created a Value ladder that allows us to monetize 100% of the small business market.
  • How to move from single, one off FREE Strategy Sessions to selling 1-to-Many
  • The reason the Top 5% of ALL Coaches are more than 'One Trick Ponies'
  • Why your prospects will LOVE you for offering a group or membership program versus 1-1 Coaching.
  • The 3 questions every Coach gets stuck on...and how to answer them.
  • How to structure a High End Coaching Model that delivers immense value in a fraction of the time.
  • and a whole bunch more.....



James Lawson is the best known Small Business Marketing Strategists in N.Virginia. Along with his Business partner Angela Inzerillo, they help small business owners create Multi 6 & 7-Figure Businesses by developing high performance, client getting, Marketing machines.

Since 2009, James and Angela have been the go-to teachers and strategists for over 10,000 small businesses who are tired of chasing for the next sale, are overwhelmed trying to stay ahead of the Social Media curve and who's marketing just isn't delivering what it needs to.

In 2014 they completely changed their model from one-on-one to 100% Group.

They now enjoy running 3 groups, each generating 6-Figures per year while working 15-20hrs a month.

Would YOU like to see HOW they did it.....?


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