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How We Transitioned From 9-5 Employees to 6-Figure Entrepreneurship!

Whether you're brand new to the Entrepreneurial world or trying to get to your 1st or 2nd 6-figures, this free training will show you the path we took to turn our passion Into a multiple 6-Figure less than 12 months!


Here's what we'll cover

✔️ The #1 Hack to Jump Start Your Business into a Predictable 6-Figure Revenue Generating Machine in Under a Year! (It's so simple that it's ignored and will help you avoid the frustration and anxiety that most business face in the early stages of growth!)

✔️ The Most Obvious, (yet overlooked) Areas of Your Business that Can Swiftly Generate $5K to $10K a Month... and are easily accessible - (The fact is that this can all be done without the need for ad spend, tech wizardry or complex funnels as you grow your business)

✔️ A Simple 3-Part Business Structure to Generate Consistent and Predictable Monthly Income (What we love is that this system works Regardless of the Industry You're in or the product or service you might be selling!)

✔️ The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes We Made When We Started Our Business and What You Need To Do To Avoid Them If You Want To Get To 6-Figures In 12 Months!

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About James & Angela

James Lawson & Angela Inzerillo are Strategic Marketing Coaches & Strategy Implementation Experts for Small Business Owners who are below $250K a year in revenue but with high growth potential.


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