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For Business Coaches who want to increase their income, have more freedom and create more impact on their clients.

Coaching Success By Design

Helping Coaches in all disciplines escape the 'Time for Money' trap and build a more freedom based business model.

In 2013 we walked away from a business in which we had invested well over $200,000 for 1 simple wasn't the right model for the lifestyle we wanted. What we learned from our experience was that SUCCESS and whatever that means to you, can be designed.

Our methodology teaches Coaches from all disciplines how to create a NEW model for the business centered around the one-to-many coaching principle. A principle that allows YOU the Coach, to build a more fulfilling business, allowing you to help many more people while increasing your own income and freedom.

This isn't theory.

It's EXACTLY what we did in 2014 when we moved from 1-1 Coaching to 100% Group based Coaching...and we want to share how we did it with you...and if you will allow us, help you do the same!

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The 'Coaching Success By Design' initiative is led by James Lawson & Angela Inzerillo, 2 of Northern Virginia's most successful coaches. After building their very own multi 6-figure coaching business, they NOW COACH AND TRAIN other Coaches across multiple disciplines on how to start and run their own Group Coaching Programs.

1. 2010 - Excellence in Marketing Award WW Coaching Conference.

2. 2011 - Excellence in Marketing Award WW Coaching Conference

3. 2013 - Coaches of the Year Award WW Coaching Conference

4. 2017 - Innovator of the Year WW Coaching Mastery Conference

5. 2018 - Innovator of the Year WW Coaching Mastery Conference

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Video Snippets From The Coaching Mastery Conference - Conversion Mastery

Live Events are the FASTEST way to fill your coaching Business. With over 100 Coaches in the room I took them through a MasterClass on how to run their own LIVE Event...enjoy!


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