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"What's The Fastest Way To Increase My Conversions" : Part 2 of 3

conversions leads marketing sales Apr 08, 2021

Part 2 in part 1 we discussed the Journey model! How to take your prospects from where they are to where they want to be and by doing so, show them how you can help them at each stage of the journey.

That's ONE Model.

The next stage is to SHOW them how your service/system/program actually works and HOW it will help them.

The way we do this is using the INCLUSIVE Model.

Let me show you how this works.

In our Fast Track program for instance there are 9 training modules that we take business owners through.

Each module covers a different aspect of marketing and has to be done in a particular sequence. Now, I can TRY to explain how all that works or I can just show them.


It is now significantly easier to walk them through the program step-by-step, talk about each of the modules and also point them towards the outcome - in this example our program helps businesses Scale their Leads, Clients and Profits.

See how simple that is!

Remember - 80% of the sale is visual. If your prospect can't see it they won't believe it!

I actually designed a model using this exact method for a client in the Event Planning business. Her conversions JUMPED from 15% to 30% (that will go up again as she gets better at the Conversion discussion)

Does this model work for every business...of course not...however, EVERY business has the ability to have a model - you just have ot figure out which geometric shape best fits your business.

In Part 3 we will look at the 3rd model you can incorporate into your Conversion discussions.


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