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What's The Fastest Way To Increase My Conversions?: Part 1 of 3

conversion marketing sales Apr 06, 2021


So,  had the question from a client in our Fast Track Marketing Program during our weekly group Q&A call.

He was getting some decent leads BUT his conversions were woefully low...he needed to find a way to Increase those conversions but do it quickly.

Here is the problem - how do you explain a coaching program to someone? It's not like there is a 'thing' at the end of it that they can hold. They can't 'see' the program..right! They have to experience it.

And even it was a 'do it for you' service, walking them through ALL the stuff you do can take, well, a long time and even then they still may not see it.

This is the life of ANY service based business. Trying to EXPLAIN the value of what they do, how they do it and what the out come will be.

It's also the #1 reason conversions in most businesses are so low.

That's where we were about 4 years ago! Until, an awesome Coach we had gave us the answer that changed everything....MODELS!

You see, 80% of a sale is Visual. That more you can SHOW them how it works, the easier it is for them to take in the information, assimilate it and make a decision.

So instead of trying to describe what we we just take them through the process visually.

Let me show you how it works in our Coaching Business and then see if you can apply the same thoughts to yours.

In our world of helping Small Businesses, The first part is to ask them where they are (their reality!). The model we us is this:



This is called the Journey model. It allows the prospect to identify where they are and also let's them see the steps they need to go through to get to the top. This is the way we tap into the emotional side of the brain.

By walking them through this journey they can see and feel where they are but also where they want to get to.

It also allows us to identify WHAT we will work on with them as they go through each stage and the programs we will engage them in.

 Once you have established WHERE they are and WHAT they need to work on, the next stage is to show them the HOW. This is the meat of the Conversion Conversation..and you need to get it right or the work you have done thus far will be for nought!

The HOW (Inclusive) model will be in part 2 so stay tuned.!!

To your Success


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