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3 Shifts for attracting coaching clients without being salesy!

leads marketing small business Mar 10, 2021

Lets cut to the chase. Leads are the Oxygen of your coaching business. Without them your business will just curl up into a ball and literally die.
So why is it most coaching businesses (not yours of course because you have it all under control) have such a hard time attracting really good leads? I mean they get leads right...but how many of them are actually good ones.
If you want to really up the anti and start driving awesome leads into your business, there are 3 things you absolutely need to do.
Now one of these things is going to get you REALLY uncomfortable but hang in there.
Ready? ok, here we go!
1. Define your IDEAL Target Market & the 'real' problem you solve for them!
2. Give away as much s&@t as you can for FREE
3. Get your head out of marketing tactically and start to market strategically
If you think I am talking out my ass, well take a look at this.

> We literally 4x our business in less than 12months using this approach.
> Laura went from 80 students and almost going out of business, to 150 students in her music academy..... and now she has opened a second location.
> Sarah went from $45,000 in sales to $250,000 in sales in 15months with her fitness coaching business.
Seriously, if you don't know WHO you want to do business with then how can you possible come up with a Strategic message that talks to them...and only them, in a way that completely resonates.
If you feel under competitive strain, if your always concerned about pricing and your worried about where your next set of clients are coming from, it's because your in the world of 'sameness'!
Strategic marketing isn't about Facebook or LinkedIn or Postcards - those are channels and tactics. Strategic marketing is about MESSAGE and's how the best companies differentiate themselves.
If you think you could use some help with getting this done, book a 15minute call with us and lets see HOW or even IF we can help you!
Helping you get More Leads & Better Clients - well it's what we do!

Good Luck!

James & Angela


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