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Stop Setting SMART Goals if You Want To Grow

marketing sales Mar 09, 2021


During one of our weekly Q&A calls with our Fast Track Marketing group, a student asked the question "How do I get better at hitting my goals?"

It's a fair question. So I asked "How many goals did you set"?

His response - "I usually set around 12 SMART Goals each year" (and each year he comes up short).

Listen - Even the most ardent, qualified, smart business people FAIL.

Success magazine did a recent study where they interviewed over 1,000 business leaders on how they performed as it relates to the goals they set at the start of that year.

On average they achieved only 20% to 25% of their goals!!

Why is it then that every so-called Business Advisor still promotes setting annual goals?  Are they insane?

In our business, we stopped setting annual goals back in 2013 and our business started growing exponentially!

The reason was very simple.  By the end of the second quarter, we already knew that we weren't going to hit all of them or that most of them had changed.

We had to re-visit how we were managing our business and ourselves.

R.I.P. - SMART Annual Goals!!!

Bring in the 90-Day Planning System.

One of our friends in the same Mastermind group was a performance Coach (I mean a REALLY good one)! We were having this discussion around goals and goal setting.  He pointed out that the highest performers in sports may have 'objectives' but that they work in smaller time increments so that they peak at the right time.

BOOM! That's it, we thought. So, instead of working to a bunch of annual goals, we set an annual objective and then worked in 90-Day blocks, creating 1,2 or 3 projects each 90-Days to work on towards our objectives.

It seemed like a good idea but something was missing!

Our Long Term Lifestyle Goal. What did we see as our overarching lifestyle goal in the coming 3-5 years?

Where did we want to live?

How did we want to run our business?

What business model did we want to have?

A whole bunch of questions were now on the table that had to be answered; otherwise we could end up building the wrong business. A business we could not escape from.

It was painful..but worth it.

So - our business has become much simpler.

1 Lifestyle goal.

3 High Value Projects that move us to that lifestyle each 90-Days

5 Weekly actions that work towards completing the 90-Day Projects

So, if you are getting de-motivated by continually missing your goals or get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of goals you set, 90-Day Planning is the answer.

PS: If you want to actually write out your next 90-Day plan with our help, come join us at our next live 90-Day Planning Workshop. You can find all the details by clicking this link - 90-Day Planning




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