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How To Know What Your Prospect is Thinking?

May 25, 2021

I see it everyday...and so do you!

Marketing content that continually tells me how 'awesome' the sender is.

How amazing their product or service is.

How long they have been in business and what people say about them.

It's what's called 'platitude' marketing....and by the way, you are probably doing it.

Let's talk about what marketing isn't.

Marketing isn't about getting customers (ok well, it is but it isn't. I'll explain why)

It's not about building your brand (unless your specific strategy is to do that andthat's a different kind of marketing entirely)

What Marketing is.

The goal of your Marketing is to move your prospect to the next stage of your sales process or funnel. That's it. PERIOD!

The Journey!

Every one of your prospects is on a journey of discovery and you are their guide. And to be a good guide you must know what they are thinking about in order to make sure you take them in the right direction.

Talking about YOU doesn't do that...talking about THEM does!

The simplest way to get their attention and show them you have EMPATHY is to describe their feelings in your own marketing.

We call that the 4 FORCES!

Here is what you do.

There are 4 areas of our Emotions that you want to hit on.





Build a list of as many under each category as you can.Talk to past clients and ask them what they were feeling BEFORE they worked with you. Run some FB challenges or via your email list.

Either way you need to UNDERSTAND how your prospect thinks and feels and then market using those. It will show your prospect you understand them and can empathize with them.

EMPATHY is the #1 best Marketing Strategy their is.

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Here's to your Business Success.

James - Business Success Coach.


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