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6 Steps for creating messages that actually get read!

Jun 22, 2021


It’s hard right!

Trying to come up with marketing headlines and campaigns that you audience will actually take the time to read.

You work for days (maybe weeks) building it all out. Then you hit the send button. You check your open rate, your click through rate and what do you see…crickets!

10% open rate (maybe) and a 4% click through rate.

All the hard work has literally just bombed.

Just to be’s NOT them. It’s YOU!

Tell me if this looks familiar.

Buy my stuff.
Last chance to buy my stuff.
Seriously..this is really the last chance to my my stuff.
Why won’t you buy my stuff.
Wtf!!!! Buy my f%#*ing stuff will you!!

Ok…so it’s not quite that bad from your stand point, however, that’s what it sounds like to the person on the other end.

So let’s stop with the usual and let’s get above all the noise and actually talk to the prospect…you know, person to person.

The Message Framework

There are 6 core pieces to crafting the perfect message.

Talk to a need
Identify a triggering event
Describe +/- Outcomes
Stir and Allay their fears
Address Relationships
Frame your message in a Gain-Logic-Fear sequence

Now create a list based on your Avatar under each of those headings.

Let’s say you avatar was 45-years old, single mother and owns a new business.

Let’s break down the 6 Core areas.


Talk to a Need - Financial security, Connection, Income, Feel appreciated, Feel valued, Successful.

Triggering Event - No family vacation, Meeting bills, yelling at kids, Always stressed

Outcomes +/-   -  Currently is (Short tempered, feeling alone, Stressed, bad clients) but wants (More freedom, quality time, feel valued, consistent income, better clients)

Stir and Allay Fears - May have to get a job, feel like a failure, can’t support family

Address Relationships - Family, kids, friends,

How it comes together for you message:

Are you tired of being (stressed) all the time and (yelling at the kids) because you feel (financially insecure) when all you want is to have (more quality time and freedom) without having to resort to taking a (part time job) to pay the bills? Why don’t you download our FREE Guide ‘The Single Mothers Guide to a More Prosperous Life” and let us help you take the first step to a ……………

The more you can add to your list, the more you will have to pick from.

You could change your message to be more Aspirational:

Imagine having (more quality time and freedom) to spend with your (family and friends) because you have reached the level of (financial security) you always wanted without having to take a (part time job) just to (pay the bills).

To see how you can achieve this for yourself, Download our FREE Guide……….

By getting deep with your Avatar and building your list for each of the 6 Core areas, you can create unlimited messages to help you connect, impact and move your prospect to action.

If you would like a copy of the script sheet our clients use to build unlimited messaging, just hit reply on the email that sent you here and type in 'script sheet' and I will send it straight to you!

To Your Success

James Lawson - Business Success Coach


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