As a Small Business Owner, you are often in the trenches alone dealing with common challenges...

=> No Real Strategy
=> No Prospect Pipeline
=> Low Conversions
=> High Cost of Client Acquisition
These are all things that are going to hurt your business over the long run...REALLY hurt!

Regardless of your Business Product or Service, Your Ability to Generate High Quality Leads, Convert Them into High Paying Clients and Drive INSANE Profits are the Keys to Scaling Your Business.

Coaching For The Cost of 1 Client..Yes Really!

We Took Our 12-Month, $15,000 Marketing Coaching Program. Extracted The Most Important Pieces and Turned Them into an 8-Week Fast Track Program For Small Businesses at 1/10th The Investment, Complete With 1 Year of Coaching Support!

What's Your Excuse NOW?

"This program literally saved my business. As a ONE woman show, it would have been financially impossible for me to get the level of help I needed. Having James and Angela there, through this program, allowed me to get the support and the training I needed to get back on track. I can't thank them enough."

Laura Readoff
CEO - The Music Loft, Center for Musical Excellence

Let's Unpack Your Business Success Plan

There are 8 Battle-Tested Strategies Designed to Get Your Business Attracting More Leads, Converting More Clients and Driving Higher Profits.

Your Gameplan

Everything starts with getting your gameplan in place. Together we will map out your 7 step marketing plan that will act as your go, no-go decision tree.

Target Market

Identify your target customers – who they are, what they want, what drives their decisions – and create customer personas to drive your design process.

Prospect Psychology

Build complete empathy with your market so you can speak directly to them, understand their problem and offer a solution.

Your Message

When you can describe your prospects problem better than they can, they automatically assume you have the answer..that's having the perfect message!

Ignite Results

We will show the 5-part profit formula that we use to build high 6-figure businesses, how to use it to it's maximum and create your own dream company.

Authority Marketing

You’ll use the Authority Marketing System to quickly become the undisputed leader in your field, and create the online platform that makes you the obvious choice for your market.

Marketing Automation

You’ll discover the automated marketing sequences that consistently bring in a flood of new leads, and convert them into high paying clients.

Build Funnel

You’ll discover the 4-Step sequence used by our Accelerate Clients to create lead generation ideas and fill the pipeline in under 2 weeks.



Even though the training  modules are really good, you ARE going to get stuck and will need some guidance. There is just NO SUBSTITUTE for human conversation, so every week you will get the opportunity to talk with your coach via our Ask The Expert calls  and work through your roadblocks.


You get to step out of your business every quarter to work on strategies that will increase your bottom line. These 1/2 day workshops include mapping out your next 90 day plans to stay focused on what matters most and plan the next steps to your most important projects. 


You are more than welcome to join any or all of our Marketing workshops to learn new trends and strategies and to get re-focused. This is also a great opportunity to meet new people and get a fresh perspective on your business from fellow business owners like you!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Business Success By Design Implementation Program is not only for those who already have an existing business, but also for those who are just getting started. Everyone who wants to build a high 6 or 7-Figure business is allowed to join the program.

The Weekly Coaching happens at 4.00pm EVERY Tuesday (est) for those in the PLUS program. You will be sent reminders along with the link to join the call. ALMOST all calls will be held via ZOOM video.

That is my favorite question. Every other marketing program out there deals with one of 2 situations. How to market online or how to use social media platforms. BSBD doesn't do any of that. We focus on getting you educated on the stuff that matters, that actually create results...Marketing Strategically, not tactically!

It’s simple. You just need to go through the entire course, make sure you implement everything you have learned in the program, and share your results to James.

It’s going to be like a free promotion for you when James talks about you and your success on online, including webinars, on the Business Success By Design Community page, Facebook Live, and in other places. You’ll become a ROCKSTAR!

The actual training lasts anywhere from 45minutes to 60minutes. You will of course then allocate time to work on the deliverable for your business. It should not take more than 2hrs every for each module PLUS our weekly call if you decide to include Coaching in your enrollment.

You get all the modules delivered at once and EVERYONE gets 12 months of access, however, if you are in the VIP program you get 12 months of weekly support through our weekly Coaching call as well.

No. The program is designed to be delivered to you weekly so that you do not get overwhelmed and because it is a step-by-step system....follow the steps!

Yes, you absolutely can.

We understand that there are those business owners that just want the content and we have a way for you to purchase the program without the LIVE Coaching component.

Since there is a good chance you will want to go back and refine some of your actions, you will have access to the training modules for 12 months.

If you wish to continue getting additional Coaching help just let us know and we discuss that option.

Absolutely....and you should. This is a 'Fast-Track' Program but continued Coaching and Support is ALWAYS a good idea. All you have to do is let me know and we can arrange it.

While I know the understanding the cost of anything is important, the real question needs to be "is this the right fit for me and my business"

What I will tell you is that typically ONE client will cover your total investment.

The best thing to do is to book a call with James and see if this will work for you.

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The ONLY Step-By-Step System Dedicated To Helping You Build A Marketing System In Less Than 60-Days That Also Includes World Class Support & Coaching For 12-Months!

Now..Do You Really Want To Waste Time and Money Trying To Do This On Your Own?


Impact Business Solutions, LLC was founded in 2009 to train and support Business Owners with a greater understanding of marketing and provides the support to get fast results! We have worked with thousands of Business Owners helping them create the business and lifestyle they can only dream of. Our team brings the skills and experience of world-class marketers to the small business market.

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