Create a Marketing System That Actually Attracts & Converts

✅  Move from constantly being up one month down the next in a never ending income roller-coaster.

✅  Attract & Convert new leads and clients almost at will without spending any money on paid ads

✅  Create new demand for your product or service, grow your business and make your competition irrelevant.

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Before you go any further, let's discuss who this is for!

1. Coaches, Consultants and Professional Service Providers.

2. Your business will be in the 'START or GROW' phase which means your doing between $10K/$20K a month in revenue and looking to get to your first (or second) 6-figures (your length of time in business is's your current monthly revenue that matters!).

3. You are action orientated and have the willingness to implement quickly & ask questions when you are stuck!

4. You are open and willing to be coached by someone who has already achieved the success you are looking for.

Now is the time to re-think your strategy

You want your business to thrive, not just survive. Right?

You know the status-quo will not get you far. Especially in the current business environment where thousands of once-thriving businesses are struggling to survive.

You’re ambitious. You want to lift your profit margins, increase sales, and find new customers.

You know you need to do things differently. Do you know how?

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Does this sound like you?

"I’m in an overly saturated industry that doesn’t allow for high profit margins. We mainly compete on price and the competition is fierce!"

"I struggle to attract new clients and create new demand for my products and services."

"I can’t come up with creative ideas that would differentiate us from the competition. I don’t know how to stop our customers from moving over to our rivals."

"I don’t have the right strategy to sell my services. I need guidance and process to follow."

"Putting in more hours doesn't change anything. We can't seem to create a predictable lead flow and we never know when our next client is going to come in."


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Meet James Lawson & Angela Inzerillo


To make world class coaching available to everybody, not just those already making 6-figures or more AND to make sure your business started generating revenue as fast as possible.

It seemed crazy to us that the coaching was actually FAILING at the point where business needed the most help...namely the IMPLEMENTATION & EXECUTION.

Our Mission has just started but already we've made great progress.

We believe that if you want help, you should be able to get it. Hence we created the ACCELERATE program for businesses aimed at helping you build a world class marketing system that helped you generate revenue in 30, 60 or 90 days!

Here's a summary of what we cover in this game changing program:

  • Identify and Establish Your Unique Value
  • Attract Your Ideal Customer
  • Create Messaging that connects With Your Audience
  • Set the Foundation for a Solid, Ever Evolving Business
  • Learn The Formula For Making Sales Without Selling
  • Attract New Prospects With Virtual Trainings
  • Create a Vision for Your Business & Your Life
  • Build Your Authority in Your Space
  • Grow a Profitable Email List
  • Create Predictable Income & Revenue Streams
  • Understand and Create a winning Mindset
  • Build Clarity, Confidence and Control in Your Business
  • 12 Weeks of training and support for you small business

The 'ACCELERATE' Package:

✅  12-Weeks of structured training focused on creating a business that is Predictable, Consistent and Scalable.   (Value $8,000)

✅  Immediate Access to our 9 module ACCELERATE Program, Workbook & Frameworks to take you step-by-step through your business foundation (Value $6,000)

✅  6 x 1-1 Private Coaching Calls with me - James Lawson (Value $2,500)

✅  12 Weekly Q&A calls (Value $3,000)

✅  Access to our PRIVATE Facebook Group for ongoing peer support and community feedback ($997)

✅  Personal review of any work you do including Landing pages, Elevator script, Blue Ocean, Value Proposition and more...  ($997)

-----Here's what to do next:-----

  • Step 1:  Book a call to discuss your situation and see if we are a good fit
  • Step 2:  Book mark the links given on your Introductory email for your Private calls  
  • Step 3:  Register for your first call and fill out the form for your first question
  • Step 4:  Get ready to transform your business (& your life)

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