Are you ready to grow your business? Accelerate contains the 11 essential lessons that will establish the foundations leading to your future success. Miss these and your efforts will be misaligned or precarious at best. Get these right and you'll be able to build on your strengths and everything you do will have an exponentially positive impact.

Listen, now more than ever, the concepts you will be learning inside ACCELERATE are critical. With so many businesses in crises, having the foundation needed to adapt or pivot you business to create new revenue streams has never been more necessary or important. This is the time to take action!

ACCELERATE is NOT a D.I.Y. Program. It's a D.I.W.Y Experience!

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Here's a preview of what we will cover in this game changing program:

  • Identify and Establish Your Unique Value
  • Attract Your Ideal Customer
  • Create Messaging that connects With Your Audience
  • Set the Foundation for a Solid, Ever Evolving Business
  • Learn The Formula For Making Sales Without Selling
  • Attract New Prospects With Virtual Trainings
  • Create a Vision for Your Business & Your Life
  • Build Your Authority in Your Space
  • Grow a Profitable Email List
  • Create Predictable Income & Revenue Streams
  • Understand and Create a winning Mindset
  • Build Clarity, Confidence and Control in Your Business
  • 16 Weeks of training and support for you small business

The 6-Figure Foundation Package:

16-Weeks of structured training focused on creating a business that is Predictable, Consistent and Scalable.

Immediate Access to our 11 module ACCELERATE program & Workbooks to take you step-by-step through your business foundation (Value $5,500)

8 x 1-1 Private Coaching Calls with me - James Lawson (Value $4,000)

Access to our business library including past Coaching Calls, strategies and tactics, tools and resources to use throughout the year. (Value $497)


> Full access to our Sales Mastery Program (Value $997)

> Full access to our Financial Training for Small Business (Value $997)

> Access to our Social Media Marketing for Small Business Program (Value &997)

> Access to over 100 Strategies to grow and


Because Doing It All Alone Is Really Hard!

If there is one thing we know, trying to do it all by yourself is depressing. Having access to a community however and your very own business/marketing coach..well that makes all the difference.

Because Searching For Tools & Frameworks Wastes Time!

How much time you spend re-inventing the wheel. Building out forms, planning tools, searching for information on the internet etc etc etc. Wouldn't it be amazing to have everything you need at your fingertips? At ACCELERATE we are building out an amazing place called 'The HUB' where everything you will need (tools, resources, frameworks) will all be in one place for you to download and use...no more googling for you!

Because Who Wants To Wait To Live A Better Life!

I don't know about you but I want to be living my best life as soon as I can.

If you want to accelerate your business success then you have to design it that way. The Academy comes with over 75 training modules with one delivered each week designed to get you from 0-100 in double quick time.

Put that in with the Marketing Hub, Your weekly Coaching Calls calls with me, the only way to fail is to NOT execute..and that my friend is down to you.

-----Here's what to do next:-----

  • Step 1:  Book a call to discuss your situation and see if we are a good fit.
  • Step 2:   Book mark the links given on your Introductory email for your Private calls  
  • Step 3:   Register for your first  call and fill out the form for your first question
  • Step 4:   Get ready to transform your business (& your life)

Everything You Need, In One Place!

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Learn exactly how to identify your ideal client as well as grow and scale your business.

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Fill in your assessments and track your progress through the modules. The goal is to get to 70% and then deploy!

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You are never on your own. Whether through our Private FB page or via our weekly MOMENTUM calls, the support & Community is there.

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To make world class coaching available to everybody, not just those already making 6-figures or more.

It seemed crazy to us that the people who need help the most were basically being ignored by the Coaching Community where everones focus is on 'High-Ticket' Coaching programs.

Our Mission has just started but already we've made great progress.

We believe that if you want help, you should be able to get it. hence we have developed 2 programs for businesses aimed at Accelerated progress along with being priced so anyone who REALLY wants help, can get it.

We didn't spend 35 years building multi 7-Figure business units to stand by and watch others fail.

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