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About Us

We help our clients build high 6-Figure Businesses. Period.

What we believe

Getting expert coaching shouldn't be reserved just for those with high revenue streams.

Working with small businesses is no place for amateurs. There is too much at stake.

Great experiences are more important than products or services.

Success comes from taking MASSIVE action... NOT dreaming.

Life is for living. Be professional. Take care of your clients. Have fun.

As professionals we are

Extremely good at what we do. (A good friend of ours says that if you're good at something, be okay about saying it.. and we are).

Award-winning business owners since 2009. Prior to that, as Marketing and Sales Executives, we ran and built 4 organizations worth over $2B.

BOTH highly driven.

Passionate about our clients' success.  We always see their potential (and blind spots) that they can't.

Always investing and learning. It does us no good, or our clients, if we don't continue to invest in our personal & professional development. And pass on lessons learned!

In the top 10% of business coaches world wide.

As professionals we have

Built and ran several multi-million dollar sales and marketing teams for Fortune 500 companies.

Clients world wide.

Earned numerous coaching and small business awards.

Served on multiple Chamber of Commerce Boards and Committees.

Failed more times than we can count, but every failure taught us something we could use the next time - we love our success but realize that it was failing that helped make it happen.


Personally we are

A husband and wife team, which creates interesting dynamics!

From both ends of the Atlantic Ocean. Angela is a New Yorker through and through while James is a red blooded Scotsman - yes kilt and all!

Travelers at heart. Every chance we get, we take. We have been fortunate enough to visit most of Europe - and yes, that is Pompeii and Vesuvius behind us with Greece coming early 2022!

Parents to 2 stunning, 4 legged children - a White Siberian Husky named Jasmyn & a Samoyed named Sasha.

For the moment, living just outside Washington DC but our goals is to move to a gorgeous beach house surrounded by palm trees and consistent 80 degree weather!

Living the dream. Doing what you love and knowing that you are able to make a positive difference in the lives of the people you come in contact with...what could be better?
You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

(If you really want to get to know us better and see if or how we can help, check out one of our live webinars and hang with us....  Learn and have some fun)!


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