The Client Accelerator Small Business Program:


A step-by-step program to grow your business, increase sales and free up your time

Would you like to attract more customers and increase your sales? Would you like to tap into the latest marketing strategies and tools to stay ahead of the game?

Imagine you could avoid the scattered approach to marketing so you are not wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work!

Welcome to Accelerate.

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Everything You Get In The Client Accelerator
The Proven Coaching Program
Designed To Get You New Clients...FAST!

✅  12-Weeks of structured training focused on creating a business that is Predictable, Consistent and Scalable.   (Value $4,500) 

✅  Immediate Access to our Digital ACCELERATE Program, Workbook & Frameworks to take you step-by-step through your core marketing system (Value $6,000)

✅ 6 Personal Coaching Calls with James to keep moving, motivated and focused (Value $4,500)

✅  Bi-weekly MOMENTUM Calls each month with James to keep you on track and get passed any roadblocks (Value $1,500)

✅  Access to our PRIVATE Mastermind Group for ongoing peer support and community feedback (Value $1,997)

✅  Personal review of course work you do including Landing pages, Elevator script, Blue Ocean, Value Proposition and more...  (Value $3,997)

We all fantasize about the dream business that’s going to give us financial independence and time freedom.

We daydream about creating impact and becoming a change agent, while living a life of abundance.

But most Coaches ignore the foundations that sustainable success requires.

This is the hidden reason why most Coaches fail to achieve extraordinary growth year after year.

Most Coaches try to “save time” and skip this step so they can dive right into “sexy” strategies. But when you skip the foundational pieces, it’s almost impossible to create consistency and predictability in your business.

You’re ambitious. You want to lift your profit margins, increase sales, and find new customers.

You know you need to do things differently and can't do it alone. Let us help you...

Here's How We Are Going To HELP YOU Build Your 6-Figure Business

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The first step to building a consistent and sustainable business is to know WHO exactly you serve the best ...and it isn't everyone!

What We'll Work On Together

✅  The NICHE (PFC) Matrix

✅  Understanding Your Prospect's Psychology

✅  Identifying Your Prospect's Hot Buttons


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In order to get above the noise of marketing and competition, you need to speak your client's language with messaging that immediately resonates and spurs action every time! 

What We'll Work On Together

✅  The 4 Part Messaging Framework

✅  Your Connect & Convert Unique Story 

✅  Getting Beyond The Elevator Pitch


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The NEXT STEP is to identify what makes you different from your competition in a way that serves your Ideal Client and aligns with your own beliefs then LET everyone know about it!

What We'll Work On Together

✅  Your Differentiation Strategy

✅  Identifying Your 'Value Proposition'

✅  Crafting Your Market Dominating Position


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You just can't go into the market not knowing how your business or program works. You need to build out the right MODEL for your unique business and clients.

What We'll Work On Together

✅  Designing Your Ideal 'Business' Model

✅  Identify your IP and Methodology

✅  Building Your Ascension Model


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At this point you should have your Core 4 dialed in to around it's time to get on the court and start sharing your story with your target market and building your network.

What We'll Work On Together

✅  Building Out Your FIRST Lead Funnel

✅  Creating and Distributing Your Lead Magnet

✅  Activating Your Network and JV Partners


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What's the best Automation tools to use? How should you follow up and what frequency? When should I start automating my business...yep all these questions will be answered here!

What We'll Work On Together

✅  Identify WHAT via Our Automation Checklist

✅  The RIGHT follow-up sequence & frequency

✅  Our Favorite Tools For The Heavy Lifting

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