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A 60-Minute MBA For Business Owners

How This Insanely Simple 3-STEP PLAN Moved Us From Struggling to a Multi 6-FIGURE Business in Less Than 9 Months

... And the easy-to-follow framework that fast-tracked our results.

In this FREE Masterclass we'll show you how to build a consistent and predictable $10-20K/mo revenue stream... all without paying a dollar on Facebook ads, building complex sales funnels, writing blogs or spending hours on social media.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 27th  9:30am


Join us and Learn:

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The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business is to Eliminate 90% of What You're Doing and to Focus on this ONE Thing so You Don't Waste Time on Tactics that Aren't Working

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How this ONE Simple Marketing Skill (You Already Have) Can EASILY Generate 10x MORE Leads, Increase Your Conversions by 100%, AND Confidently Charge More Regardless of How Long You’ve Been in Business

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How a Simple 2mm Shift in Your Thinking Can Propel Your Business To 6 or 7-Figures in Less Than Half the Time While also Eliminating the Stress & Overwhelm

This is a Must Attend if...

You don’t know where to start

You’ll walk away from this training with a game plan and total clarity.

OVERWHELM hits whenever you try to focus

You've got a lot going on and you need a proven process broken down into easy steps so you can take action and get predictable results.

You’ve been trying for MONTHS

to build your business (maybe even years) but haven’t gained any serious traction that INSPIRES you to keep going.

You’re feeling STUCK in your business

and you know that having a predictable system will not only boost your IMPACT, but also your ability to make the kind of MONEY you know you’re capable of making.

You want to know what’s working RIGHT NOW

instead of wasting all your time doing things that produce zero results.

You DON’T yet have a steady flow of leads

that allows you to have consistency of new client opportunities

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James Lawson & Angela Inzerillo are authors, speakers, Entrepreneurs and Co-founders of Impact Business Solutions LLC, a Coaching & Training company focused on helping entrepreneurs create highly profitable businesses by focusing on the CORE Marketing Systems of the business.

As two of Northern Virginia's most sought after Coaches and Marketers since 2009, they have been helping small businesses world-wide build predictable high 6-figure revenue and income streams using a 4-part process that is both simple & powerful. Their clients include Consultants, Coaches & Professional Service Providers.

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