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 A Live Experience Detailing The shortest straight-line method to consistently find and enroll new clients quickly and predictably.

Master the Simple 3-Step System We use to Accelerate Getting More Clients, More Often With Less Stress and Frustration...

Build your coaching or consulting business with a high level of confidence in your ability to enroll new clients on a consistent and predictable basis by using the simple frameworks you will learn in this training that's rooted in tried and tested.
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Accelerator #1

The 3C's Framework™ - A step-by-step roadmap designed to get you greater results, in the shortest amount of time.

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Accelerator #2

The 4 Minute Conversion System™ - An effortless process to powerfully close exponentially more clients in less time, especially if you hate sales.

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Accelerator #3

The $100K Jump Start™ - The most straight forward, low-tech strategy to generate revenue now and quickly drive your business to $10K-$20K months...consistently.

After the Workshop You Will...

👉 Have a greater sense of clarity about where you are in your business and what you should be working on.

👉 Be able to convert your prospects at an exponentially higher rate than you have ever before.

👉 Understand the CORE 4 of your marketing system that drives all your marketing efforts.

👉 Have a step by step plan for moving forward, stop wasting time and get you closer to your goal of creating a predictable $100K+ business.

Meet Your Trainers:

James Lawson & Angela Inzerillo, known as the husband and wife Power Team, are the Co-Founders of Impact Business Solutions LLC, an award winning business coaching and training firm specializing in helping small businesses build a 6-Figure business in less than 90 Days.

As successful Coaches since 2009, they've worked with 1000's of ambitious business owners and teams to spring board them into consistent 6 and 7-figure growth by teaching them the same 3 powerful business principles they used to rapidly scale their business and enjoy guilt-free time to do the things that they love!


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